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Our Mission: to provide innovative sensors for Measurement, Motion and Control applications using our unique Defence, Nuclear and Industrial market expertise. To meet the critical demands of our customers. Develop new solutions and markets by offering a broad range of products and services while maintaining our values, quality, and reliability.

Our story began almost 30 years ago with the formation of Thistle Design in Dalkeith, Scotland. The organisation was originally founded as a partnership between Bob Frew and Ron Logan. The plan was to use Engineering skills and experience to create a range of precision instruments.

The first major market addressed was measurement of water levels for Flood Warning and Flood Defence Systems. Accurate and reliable optical encoders were designed together with a range of displays and peripheral hardware. Derivatives of these are still used throughout Scotland, England and Wales by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, the Environment Agency, and Natural Resources Wales.

As the company’s activities increased to include Defence and Nuclear applications, the decision was taken to create a Private Limited Company – Thistle Design (MMC) Ltd. This was completed in 1996 and new premises in Loanhead occupied.

In 2010 the acquisition of Precision Varionics Ltd added wound components such as Resolvers, Motors, Potentiometers to the product range and helped the business to grow.

In 2018 BEI Precision and Space integrated Thistle Design(MMC) Ltd into their portfolio and their complementary skills and attributes were pivotal in the following three years of growth.  Most recently in 2021 Quantic Electronics, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, acquired BEI Precision Systems & Space Company, Inc. and Thistle Design, and incorporated both companies into the Quantic Electronics Group, specializing in defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics.

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Specializing in Customized Precision Instruments
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Specializing in Precision Quartz Resonators
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Specializing in Space Grade Frequency Sources
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