RVDT Rotary Variable Differential Transformer


A range of Size 11 Brushless Rotary Variable Differential Transformer with analogue angular outputs has been developed for measurement, motion and control applications.
They have a single phase excitation generating an output sensibly linear wrt rotor angle.
Excitation Frequencies from 400Hz up to 2.5KHz at 2 to 10V give typical angular sensitivity of 133mV/degree with linearity accuracy of ±0.6% over ±20 degrees.
Our applications engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate version to suit your needs.

Types and Variants

  • TDPV115 Unsealed
    Form, fit and functional equivalent to CTD 11PP141.

  • TDPV119 Sealed
    IP65 certified.


All are suitable for use with Interface cards and Displays. See our accessories section for more information on what we can offer.